Children see the world differently to adults. Through their eyes, anything is possible. We put the logo at the heart of the Sky Kids channel brand, allowing our 12 idents to take viewers into the vivid world of a child’s limitless imagination. Whilst each ident follows the same timing and positioning structure to make them feel like a cohesive and ownable set, they are all quirky and unique in subject and narrative, appealing to a wide range of children as well as adults – ensuring fun for all the family.

Creative director:
Alex Haley

Design director:
George Lewin

Lead design and art direction:
Luke Tilly

Design and animation:
Luke Tilly
George Lewin
Emily Brown
Mark Paul

Senior producer:
Lizanne Murphy-Kozlowski

Account director:
Nat Lewy

Production Co-ordinator:
Elizabeth Danielle

Executive Producer:
Liz Arnott

3D animation:
Moth Studio

Ident Direction:
Moth Studio & Sky Creative

Sound Design:
Zelig Sound