The Gigantic Change animtion for Extinction Rebellion

A story of hope set in the future, looking back at how the world came together to try to save the environment. Voiced by Whoopi Goldberg, the film shows that a brighter future is in fact possible, where we live in harmony with nature rather than being its master. But we will only get there if we all work together to transform the planet. The time for action is now.

Head to to see how you can take action on the climate and ecological crisis.

Cast & Crew

Grandmother - Whoopi Goldberg
Granddaughter - Livia Nelson
Directors - George Lewin & Nicola Jane Francis
Story - George Lewin
Screenplay - Nicola Jane Francis & Josh Hughes
Producer - Serena Schellenberg
Executive Producer - Belle Palmer at Passion Pictures
Designer & Animator - Nicola Jane Francis
Sound Design - Chris Banks
Music - Simon Chamberlain
Casting Director - Nicci Topping Casting CSA
Livia Nelson Represented by Creative kidz and Co
VO Record - Factory Studios
Partnership Consultant - Sarah Greenfield Clark