Brand identity for Kick It Out,  a charity who exist to put an end to all discrimination in sport. They’re mainly known for their work in football, from grassroots level all the way up to Premiere League, but now they are expanding into other sports. At the core of the new identity is a logo with attitude, inspired by club badges and the shape of a football, and crafted to feel imperfect and community-made.

The ‘IT’ in Kick It Out represents everything the charity stands against – discrimination, in all its forms. Whether it’s racism, homophobia, disablism or misogyny, we won’t stand for IT.

The IT also forms the foundation of how the brand talks, flexing to be challenging and provocative – ‘WE WON’T STOP UNTIL IT STOPS’ or inspiring and empowering – ‘TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE IT’.
The typeface is directly informed by the angular logo to channel that same grassroots hand-made feel through all the messaging.

Both the logo and typeface are designed to take on colours from any partners without losing their distinctiveness, whether it’s a pro club, a governing body, a brand or a school.

From the locker room to the board room, Kick It Out needs to show up wherever discrimination in sport exists. On and off the pitch, in the stands, on the way home from the game, in your social DMs…

Ultimately we set out to give people the tools to tackle ‘IT’, allowing grassroots communities all the way up to top tier clubs to use the new brand in a way that helps them to make change.

Brand Identity credits:


Creative Director:
Alex Haley

Design Directors:
George Lewin
Sean Clarke

Binod Tamang
Emily Brown
Celt Iwan
Sonia Figueiredo Dos Santos
Huss Rashid
Ogo Okpue
Savio Borges Palmerston

Daisoo Lee

Thomas Stockwell
Matthew Heaps

Executive Producer:
Elizabeth Arnott

Adrienne Connell
Simon Downie

Paul Ewen

Dalonie Graham

Archive Imagery Researcher:
Tom Roberts

Jane Stockdale